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We Are Prepared For Any Twist Or Turn

At Simon, Monahan & Simon L.L.C., our primary goal in the divorce process is to protect your interests and help you achieve your goals.

We take a direct, honest approach to guiding clients through divorce. In the early phases of a divorce, we take the time that is needed to explain your rights, responsibilities and the legal options that are available.

We explore every feasible legal path for your divorce, such as negotiation and mediation. If litigation is needed, however, we will be fully prepared to take that route.

If it appears likely that we are headed to court, we make sure that you understand the time and expense involved. We also explain to you the likelihood of success and the possible outcomes. If there is a new development in your case, we promptly reassess your position and discuss revised scenarios with you.

You Benefit From Our Breadth Of Knowledge

Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in the full range of legal issues that can emerge during a divorce, including:

  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Complex division of property
  • Tax ramifications of divorce
  • Orders for protection
  • Enforcement of prenuptial agreements
  • Enforcement and modification of divorce decrees

As a full-service law firm, we are fully equipped to deal with any turn that a divorce can take.

We Are Licensed In Four States

Since the founding of our firm in 1983, we have been located in the same location in East Brunswick, New Jersey. We are also licensed to practice law in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. Our lawyers are well-versed in the legal issues affecting divorce in all four states.

How To Contact Us

At Simon, Monahan & Simon L.L.C., we have decades of experience with divorces. To speak with a skilled divorce attorney, call our office in East Brunswick, NJ, today at 732-374-3309, or contact us online.

in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida