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Most New Jersey license suspensions unrelated to driving safety

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Criminal Law |

If a driver is behaving in a way that is unsafe or does not follow the rules of the road, law enforcement can suspend the license to keep the individual from driving. The goal is to prevent the driver from becoming a danger to other people on the road, as well as to himself or herself.

However, a CNN report indicates that most of the driver’s license suspensions that occur in New Jersey have nothing to do with traffic violations or driving safety.

What percentage of driver’s license suspensions are for reasons other than safety?

A joint study took place over 15 years by Brown University and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Researchers analyzed data from the New Jersey Safety and Health Outcomes and found that 91% of license suspensions were for reasons other than traffic safety.

What are the reasons for the majority of the license suspensions?

Most driver’s license suspensions in New Jersey occur because of offenses unrelated to driving. For example, drivers may have their licenses suspended because they missed a court date or failed to pay a fine.

What are the possible consequences of license suspensions for non-driving offenses?

An inability to operate a motor vehicle because of a driver’s license suspension can be a barrier to health care. Across the United States, transportation barriers cause 3.6 million Americans to miss or delay health care appointments, leading to poorer outcomes overall.

A suspended driver’s license can also be a barrier to employment. People without reliable transportation may have to quit jobs or pass up employment opportunities.