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Estate planning strategies to avoid the “third-generation curse”

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Estate Planning |

Planning for the distribution of assets and wealth across generations is important when planning your estate. However, many families struggle to keep their wealth beyond the third generation.

They call this the “third-generation curse.” To avoid this problem, you need to use effective estate planning strategies.


Talking openly and honestly is important for successful estate planning. When you talk about your plans for your money, it helps stop misunderstandings. It can also help prevent fights later. Families can work together to make plans that match what they want.

Use trusts

Trusts can help protect your money and pass it down to future generations. When you set up trusts, you can say how and when people get their inheritance. This helps ensure that the money undergoes responsible management. Trusts can also keep the money safe from debts and unexpected problems.

Teach the next generation

Teaching your kids and grandkids about money can also help break the third-generation curse. By giving them the knowledge and skills to handle money well, you help them take care of their inheritance. Letting them learn through experience can help prepare them for the job.

Check and change plans

Estate planning is not something you do just once. Instead, you need to review and revisit your plans over time. As family dynamics and finances change, you might need to update your plans. Tax laws can change, too. Checking your plans and keeping them up-to-date helps make sure they still work well.

According to Kiplinger, the third-generation curse affects about 90% of wealthy families. Using smart estate planning strategies helps ensure your family’s money stays safe for future generations.